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How to communicate more effectively... with icons!
If you are selling any kind of products or services online and not using icons to convey key concepts visually, you may be missing out. 

In fact, using icons within website design can be an effective way to communicate with users. 

When a visitor first arrives at your website, they will scan the page and quickly decide whether to continue reading. Icons can grab the attention of visitors and draw them to read more and engage with your content.

Here are some the reasons why you should use icons whenever you can:
  • Icons can communicate an idea in seconds and can transcend language barriers. For example, everyone now recognises an envelope symbol as an email facility, or an 'i' symbol as a link to further information.
  • They can physically break up a page of text making it more interesting and appealing to read.
  • Icons can help to add a creative touch to your website and this in turn can show the personality of your brand.
  • Icons are at the heart of all PCs since the first personal computer were created. 
30 years ago icons already made up the core of the first user experience on Mac.

The trouble is, creating icons to a high standard is extremely difficult 
First of all, you need to buy Photoshop (which costs about $1000 or $30/month if you wish to pay Adobe monthly), then you need to spend literally months and years becoming an expert user at this beast of a software package.

Not really a viable option for people who need solutions now.

But Photoshop is actually the easy part, because then you will need to figure out the exact dimensions required for print material..

Here are some of the technical consideration you will need to ask yourself for print materials:
  • The perfect format in pixels and dots per inches (DPI) to print high resolution material
  • The color mode (CYMK, RGB, etc) that will get me the most vibrant colors
  • The text safe area and 4mm bleed guides so that my designs are not cut off by printers
  • And several additional technical consideration you just can't ignore
So you are left in a painful situation...
Photoshop is incredibly complex,
Print formatting is jargon-heavy,
and designers charge an arm and a leg...
Where does that leave you? You could always go scouring the internet and search for a designer, drop a few $100 (or a few $1000) and wait for weeks to get your designs.

But that is expensive, time-consuming and if we are honest, a pain in the neck.

Wouldn't you love to take control of this yourself? Of course you would.

Imagine being able to create unlimited flyers, business cards, coupons, racks cards, loyalty cards and more perfectly formatted for print and the web in just a few clicks...

And imagine being able to provide an incredibly innovative service to small businesses in your area or on designer for hire forums where you can advertise ..

And image the time, money and effort you could save with such a solution and the profits it will bring to your business.
We are putting the power to create awesome, stunning graphics
right back where it belongs, in your hands.
Create unlimited icons... the easy way!
  • Install to your desktop (mac/pc) - Download, launch, install and create icons whenever you need them
  • Play with the backgrounds styles - Select from different shapes or add borders, shadows and bevels 
  • Choose from 676 curated icons - Whether you need an icon for support or Snapchat, you'll find what you need
  • Personalize your icons - Set your colors, add a bevel or shadow and customize the size of the icon
  • Download at the dimensions you need - 256x256, 128x128, 64x64, 32x32 or 16x16 
  • And So Much More...
Let's face it. Everyone that owns a website 
will at some point need powerful icons. 
  • Online marketers
  • Blog owners
  • Small business owners
  • Mainstream brands... including InfusionSoft, Dropbox and more!
  • And virtually anybody looking to sell anything online
And with Icon Creator, unleashing insanely powerful icons is incredibly easy…

… thanks to its WYSIWIG interface, even non-designers can take control of their marketing. Icon Creator makes the whole process simple, eye catching, glitch free and a pleasure to experience.

Which means more likes, shares, leads and sales from every icons you put out there!
Here's Exactly What You Get
Your purchase comes with an entire package; IconCreator desktop application, full training and reliable support!
Powerful desktop software
Get instant access to Icon Creator with resell rights. Icon Creator is a desktop software for Mac and PC. With its simple handcrafted UI it makes creating icons incredibly simple.
Done-for-you training material
You will have access to a professionally made training material in the members area. 
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